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Introducing The SolFiT PV System

An ingeniously simple and aesthetic roof integrated PV system.

  • The fastest, simplest, easiest and safest PV system to install on the market
  • Strong, durable and water tight, fully framed panels, no exposed edges
  • Minimal component parts, No clips, No clamps, No brackets, No plastic
  • Simple under panel ventilation to cool panels and increase efficiency
  • Compatible with Optimisers and micro inverters
  • The only system on the market to be installed from Ridge to Eaves
  • Compatible with all slate, tile and metal roof types
  • High efficiency European Bisol 260Wp -300Wp PV laminates
  • Incredibly aesthetic and sleek all black roof integrated finish
  • UK Designed, & manufactured

Intallation Guide

SolFiT Animation