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About Us

Our core values are strong and simple - just like our product

Ewen Estill SolFiT MD

Ewen Estill

Ewen has worked in the PV industry for the last 15 years. In this time he has designed and installed thousands of roof-mounted and roof-integrated PV installations throughout the UK. The creation and development of SolFiT has been down to Ewen and a small dedicated team of designers.

Midsummer Wholesale


Midsummer Wholesale - suppliers of PV panels, inverters and system components to solar installation companies.

Our background

SolFiT Ltd are a small team of ex- solar PV design & installation engineers who have spent many years on roofs installing on-top and roof-integrated solar PV systems. It became evident five years ago that there was no product on the market that came up to standard in respect of ease and safety of installation, versatility, number of component parts and price… so we decided to design and manufacture our own.
Over the last 5 years the SolFiT framing and flashing system has been designed, developed and brought to market. It has taken this long because to make a product this simple and this good doesn’t happen quickly.

Our partners

Our first PV panel manufacturer partner is BISOL a much respected European manufacturer of quality poly and mono crystalline laminates to provide the first fully roof-integrated SolFiT solar solution.
The SolFiT frames are UK manufactured; BISOL fixes the frames to the laminates in order to create the framed SolFiT panel in their factory.
The completed framed panels are then sent to the UK, where they are matched with the flashings depending on the system layout and design, and then sent out to our UK distributor.

Our vision

We have no doubt that the SolFiT system is the best in-roof system on the market. There is no other in-roof system that is simpler, safer or faster to install and has the visually appealing aesthetics that SolFiT does. We are currently only selling and installing in the UK but we have high aspirations for developing sales and distribution throughout continental Europe and beyond in the near future. SolFiT will become the industry standard inroof PV system within the next three years.

Our values

Our core values are strong and simple - just like our product

Quality: The highest possible quality of the product is of paramount importance we will never compromise on the quality of our product.

Service: It is our goal to offer the highest level of reliability of supply and support to our customers network, from the final user, to the installer to the distributor - all are of equally high importance to us.

Price: We know the market and we know that low prices are essential. Any savings we can make in manufacturing will be passed directly onto our customers.

Environmental: We are fundamentally an environmental company. We are in the solar business to promote and advance the integration and use of solar power in order to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. We commit to reducing our environmental impact as much as we possibly can.