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The SolFiT Top Loader roof-integrated PV system

It’s ingeniously simple

The SolFiT Top Loader is a new and game-changing roof-integrated PV system. It has been designed by a small and dedicated team of UK PV installation engineers and designers. 

The system has been designed with the installer and the end user all very much in mind, it’s an in-roof PV system that is incredibly fast and easy to fit, strong, durable and visually very aesthetic.

  • The SolFiT frame is fitted to the PV laminate in the BISOL solar panel factory
  • Designed for new build properties or re-roofs
  • Fits to double height horizontal battens and is secured with six screws per panel
  • SolFiT has no clips, clamps, brackets or plastic
  • All metal frames interconnect with the next forming a strong and waterproof seal
  • The system is installed from the top of the roof down (ridge to eaves) which increases the speed, ease, efficiency and safety of fitting
  • Minimal component parts: only six main flashing types
  • Compatible with all slate and tile types
Toploader detail pictures

Why our product is the best for the installer

  • System installed from ridge to eaves – no working down the roof
  • Super-fast, simple and easy to install
  • A simple but genius interlocking framing system
  • Fitted and secured with only six screws per panel
  • Only six flashings required
  • Works with all slate and tile types
  • Fully encapsulated PV laminate – no broken corners or water ingress
  • No mounting clamps, clips, profiles or brackets
  • No complicated batten spacing
  • No brittle plastic mounting trays
  • No need to work down the roof
  • No need to work over panels already installed
  • Minimum install angle 15 degrees
  • UK manufactured