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Installers love our system

Solarcrown Commercial have recently switched from their traditional roofing system to using the SOLFIT in roof PV system. Commercial Director Steve Scully commented – ‘The SOLFIT system has proved to be the fastest and easiest in roof system we have worked with so far. It has drastically reduced our labour costs and time on site and the on-going support from SOLFIT and training is second to none.’ Solarcrown have recently been awarded their 3rd site for in roof PV modules from award winning builder Countryside properties and will be installing the SOLFIT system across 166 properties starting in January 2019.
Steve Scully, Solarcrown Commercial
"We are really pleased with the results from our latest project. Overcladding an old roof with a combination of Solar PV and translucent panels to maintain natural lighting levels. This was a UK First as far as we or any of the team are aware. Our client Aberdeen Standard Investments had an industrial building that needed the roof to be overclad. They were keen to look at whether there was a way in which this could be done using Solar PV as the ‘cladding’. A really clever roof integrated PV framing system designed and manufactured by Solfit was selected, the Contractor was Solar Advanced Systems Ltd, modules manufactured by BISOL Group and the project put together and managed by Syzygy Renewables Ltd, mounting system supplied by Renusol."
John MacDonald Brown, CEO Syzgy Renewables
"We were impressed by the simplicity of the system which has obviously been designed by installers for installers. It really is incredibly simple & straight forward and the finished job looks great. We've used other in roof systems but this is the one is definitely the best and we will be using from now on."
Chris Williams Electrical Ltd
"The SolFiT Top Loader is a great system, quick and easy to fit. Each panel clicks into the next with no effort. The main benefit is that there are no plastic frames to fit before you put the panels on. There are very few added parts other than the panels themselves, just the side and top flashings which click in. It’s a fantastic looking system once on, it has a low profile which knits together nicely with tile, slate or roof sheets. Its very well priced and we saved hours on installation time, we will definitely use it again."
Glow Solar
"As an installer the SolFiT system is a great new product on the market. It was so fast and easy to install and without any specialist equipment. It looks great and is very strong and durable with a high quality finish. I will definitely be recommending it to our customers."
Ben Dyson MD Lakes renewables
"It's often said that the best things in life are simple, this system is a breath of fresh air, it's faultless in its design and looks great."
Chris Eades, MD Craven Energies
"We Really like the system - everything I liked about it on paper I like in real life"
Solar & Wind Applications
"We used the SolFit system for an installation carried out for a local architect and were very impressed with the system. "
Heating & Boilers Dyfed